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The Tierra Blanca Ranch is a 30,000-acre working cattle operation situated in New Mexico's Black Range. For almost 20 years, this beautiful and historic ranch has been the setting of Chandler family efforts to work with troubled and at-risk youths. These endeavors were a principal motivation for the founding of the High Country Youth Program.

The Tierra Blanca Ranch has a fascinating past. The Blackrange was the home for the talented and artistic Mimbres Indians whose ruins are still a significant part of the landscape. The Apaches, led by Victorio and Geronimo called this area home.

Eventually, gold and silver led many to mine the precious metals from many mines located on the ranch. The remnants of the Tierra Blanca mining district are still visible. The H.Q. where Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Chandler currently live was built back in the 1880s. The H.Q. was the nerve center for the Sierra Land and Cattle Co. which spanned from Hillsboro near the AZ border. Since the late 1880s, many families have continuously owned the TBR. The rich history and location are used to provide a physical environment where your child can learn, rebuild relationships, work ethic and be mentored, unlike most any other environment offered. It truly is the perfect setting to eliminate distractions, peer pressures, drugs and difficult situations that may be impeding your child from success.

We seek to teach responsibility, self-discipline, and the existence of consequences to the youths in our care, in addition to the necessity of having respect for themselves, their families, and others. Leadership skills are cultivated. And very significantly, we strongly promote intellectual development; education is very firmly emphasized here.

Parenting is never easy. Parenting a troubled teenager can be overwhelming for you and your family. You may worry because your teen is defiant, angry, or withdrawn. You may feel worried, angry, and overwhelmed.

Your home may seem filled with chaos and tension. You know that something has to change. The following tools for parents will help you as you seek to minimize conflict and increase communication within your home.

While at the ranch, youths that once had a dismal and limited view of life can begin to enjoy themselves again. Initially, a youngster may dislike the rules, routines, and rigors, but, with sufficient time, the child will very likely embrace the effort with enthusiasm. We believe the discipline and the undertaking of challenges are not inconsistent with happiness, but are conducive to it. At the same time, the staff seeks to provide a safe and caring environment within which the youth can flourish. A careful balance between love, discipline and structure.