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Feeling Overwhelmed - Hopeless?

Parenting a troubled teenager can be overwhelming for you and your family. You may feel hopeless, desperate, angry, and overwhelmed and confused with your childs choices. Your home may seem filled with chaos and tension. You know that something has to change.

A Simple Life

The ranch is a 30,000 acre working cattle ranch 40 miles from the nearest town. The Chandlers are Cattle ranchers with a heart for God, and turning kids lives around. The environment is similar to what a ranch would be like 100 years ago. It is a simple life, where kids get back to nature by camping, cooking, physical fitness, working cattle, riding horses, caring for animals, doing school work, reading, singing and being in a loving environment.

For over 15 years Tierra Blanca Ranch (TBR) has been working with kids that are:

1. Unmanageable & uncontrollable by their families or society 8. Unwanted or at-risk,

2. Spiraling out of control. 9. Emotionally, mentally or physically damaged by their environment

3. Not responding well with traditional counseling 10. Sexually abused

4. Defiant and noncompliant 11. Addicted to drugs, sex, pornography,

5. Stealing and Lying 12. Suicidal

6. Physically threatening 13. Hurting themselves or others

7. ADD, RAD, ADHD and other morbidities

There are instances when parents, counselors and therapists see a child needs to be removed from their current environment to help break the stalemate, the downward spiral, the irrational cycle in which the child is stuck before its too late.

Unmanageable Kids are taught:

• Responsibility,

• Self discipline,

• Leadership skills,

• Intellectual development,

• Consequences,

• The necessity of having self respect and respect for others.

• Sound biblical principles.

Approach for Restoring and Growth

• Role Modeling

• Relationships are fostered.

• Love and respect are taught and demonstrated,

• Consistent discipline is administered,

• Consequences are given.

• TV and the internet are restricted.

• Work, responsibility and respect are expected.

• The past of these kids is forgiven.

• Kids receive a fresh start.

• The Bible and its teachings is integrated.

• Their hearts are healed

• Character Lessons

Kids are given a second chance to learn to act responsibly, re-gain trust and build relationships. The healing, restoration and turn around of most of the attendees is amazing. Kids that are defiant, angry, uncooperative, self-destructing and emotionally checked-out learn how to love themselves again and come to love others. In the system, often kids medicated to the point of compliance, to the point of being a zombie, are now smiling, loving, cooperative Kids.

Supervised & Consistent Environment

The environment includes close supervision and consistency at the Ranch. The kids learn to care for animals such as cattle, horses, dogs, cats and even a llama. Over time the kids are able to develop strong loving and nurturing bonds. They gain confidence and self-esteem learning to ride horses, herd cattle and begin to feel self-esteem again.

The Program is a multi-faceted effort that also typically incorporates, among other things, wilderness discovery, horsemanship, work projects, physical conditioning and other athletic activities, outdoor skills development, life skills development, and occasional community service. Throughout each youth's enrollment, we establish boundaries, foster communication, and seek to mentor the youths. Professional psychology services, if desired, are available. We believe the structure, challenging experiences, work, and other learning strike an excellent balance.

This endeavor has been a resource for parents, psychologists, and therapists from across the Nation. Our services have also been utilized by the State of New Mexico, various local governments, and school districts. During the summer of 2000, we completed a preventative effort in which 104 pre- and early teens deemed to at-risk took part in sessions here at the ranch. The project, which was funded by the National Institutes of Health, brought us into partnership with a major university and New Mexico's second largest county. Our portion of the venture has already been deemed to be very successful.