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Feeling Overwhelmed - Hopeless?

Parenting a troubled teenager can be overwhelming for you and your family. You may feel hopeless, desperate, angry, and overwhelmed and confused with your childs choices. Your home may seem filled with chaos and tension. You know that something has to change.


We are in partnership with two New Mexico public school districts, both of which send certified teachers to the ranch during the academic year. The Program staff has an important role in the process. We establish high, yet reasonable, performance expectations, and monitor each student's work. The youths are taught good study skills, and are provided ample instruction and time to accomplish the goals that are set for them. The staff can also provide intensive tutoring for the children, if necessary. It is our experience that this concentrated type of effort, in conjunction with the other elements of the Program, is conducive to academic excellence.

Indeed, the arrangements with these districts have been effective. Each of the Program youths educated by one of the districts during the past academic year consistently posted grades of 3.0 or above, while a majority of the youths educated by the other turned in honor roll performances during their enrollment. One boy carried a 4.0 GPA throughout both terms, while several others were almost as accomplished.

A substantial number of the youths improved three to four letter grades from their respective levels of performance prior to their arrival at the ranch. Probably as a result, the Program was a featured presentation at a spring 2000 New Mexico School Board Association meeting. One of our partner districts usually educates the majority of the youths in the Program, as the other typically focuses on youths from its community. The latter district has received Federal grant monies to make its own placements into the Program. Certain program youths enrolled in the former have been able to participate in varsity athletics, although the youths that might be candidates for such participation must meet Program, district, and New Mexico Activities Association eligibility standards.