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Feeling Overwhelmed - Hopeless?

Parenting a troubled teenager can be overwhelming for you and your family. You may feel hopeless, desperate, angry, and overwhelmed and confused with your childs choices. Your home may seem filled with chaos and tension. You know that something has to change.

Meet The Staff

Emily Campbell


Senior staff: oversee work projects, academics, daily life, client communication, Bible Studies, character studies, leads hiking, leads repelling and rock climbing, handles college preparatory and application process, logistics, aid other staff.

Enjoys playing games and leading studies with the students.

•B.S. at Oregon State University in Forest Recreation Resources


Joel Samuels


Day to day oversight of the boys in the program. Welder, fabricator, cattle work, and overseeshiking. Lives at the boys lodge. Enjoys welding with the guys, riding the ranch and seeing new country.

•First Aid+ CPR

•Hardin-Simmons University Criminal Justice

•Played College Football