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Feeling Overwhelmed - Hopeless?

Parenting a troubled teenager can be overwhelming for you and your family. You may feel hopeless, desperate, angry, and overwhelmed and confused with your childs choices. Your home may seem filled with chaos and tension. You know that something has to change.


The Program's director is Scott Chandler. Scott studied administration of justice at the University of Texas at El Paso, where he was a defensive end on the Miner football team. He was also an honors student in college.


The Program staff is comprised of very capable individuals from such disparate backgrounds as education, psychology, business, government, and agriculture. The diverse assemblage is well-suited to this type of effort.

Team Approach

The TBR staff works with families, therapists, counselors school districts, county and state governments, judges and mental health professionals as a team. TBR is a safe healing remote environment that brings healing and wholeness to troubled kids and their families.

TBR has provided placement for youths failing in standard Residential Treatment Centers (RTC) environments. These entities experience positive results with the Kids in TBRs care.

Often kids arrive at TBR ready to hurt themselves, their parents or anyone that gets in their way. They often have uncontrollable anger and have been into things that are destroying and causing despair and hopelessness within the family.

TBR has helped OVER 300 kids & their families heal and change.

Meet the Staff